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OptiProp has been engaged by Build Toronto to ensure optimization of their key Downsview Allen District Masterplan project. This is one of the most valuable and strategic land parcels in the Greater Toronto Area, under control of Build Toronto as Toronto's innovative real estate and development corporation. OptiProp is engaged in a cohesive work program, coordinating between Build Toronto, Downsview Park and the External Team, with feedback and input from the Toronto City Staff, to finalize an enhanced masterplan, delivering quality and value. We aim to create a new image and brand for the unified 70 acre and 40 acre Downsview sites of Build Toronto and Downsview Park.


Our mission has been adding value by not only leading, coordinating and facilitating during the workshop sessions and work of this process, but delivering specific creative and practical input. We are continuously leading, supporting and interfacing with the Build Toronto internal team as well as external resources from the initial workshop onwards. Thereafter, during the implementation phase, OptiProp continues involvement to ensure the envisaged plan is achieved.